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Trapster improve
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Trapster ensures your security

Trapster, a simple and discreet tool
which alerts you in case of intrusion
on your network

A honeypot, in the world of IT security, acts like a discreet sentinel. This is a system specially designed to alert companies in the event of an attempted intrusion, such as a malicious scan or suspicious lateral movement in their network. Trapster elevates this idea using fully configurable virtual machines (VMs). These VMs are subtly deployed in your network, acting like invisible sensors. They silently monitor network traffic and report any unusual activity, without disrupting your daily operations.

Alert on your network

1. Download your VM from your dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to download a pre-configured VM to deploy.Trapster supports Hyper-V, VMWare or Proxmox.

2. Deploy your VM on your network

Just start the VM, and forget about it... A honeypot is integratedeasily on your network, no need for maintenance or a dedicated teammaintain the solution.

3. Configure Trapster

Trapster comes with a default configuration, but you have the possibility to completely personalize the honeypot services in order to stick as closely as possible to your network.

4. Receive alerts

Trapster does not disrupt your network or your activities because the server is not known to anyone. During an interaction, you receive an alert by mail or on your dashboard. It is also possible to integrate alerts in other solutions.

Reasons to choose Trapster

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Fast installation

Your time is valuable, we designed Trapster to be most quickly deployable. The VM starts, and configuration is automatic.

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No need for special technical knowledge, configuration templates are proposed, and the probe does not disrupt your network in any way.

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Little false positives

A "Deceptive Security" solution allows you to receive alerts with high fidelity. No one should communicate with your Trapster. If that happens, you should investigate.

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European Cloud

Ballpoint and its Trapster solution are a member of the OVHCloud Startup Program. The entire solution is based and developed in France.

We were at the InCyber Forum

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OVHCloud Startup Program member

ot The OVHcloud ecosystem includes a wide variety of startups and partners, ready to support customers in current and futures technological challenges. It does so by giving customers ways to innovate and develop their owncompetitive advantage.

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Professional listed on is a system set up by the French government to help victims of cyber-maliciousness, to inform them about digital threats and how to protect against them.

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Don't wait until you're attacked to react, call an expert

Our detection solution starts from a simple observation: too few companies are able to detect an intrusion on their networks. EDR/XDR solutions are expensive and may require an important configuration and management to be efficient.

Trapster was designed after carrying out numerous penetration testing in businesses of all sizes. It is rare for attacks to be efficiently detected and detected on time. From an offensive point of view, a system like Trapster is very effective.

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Trapster's watching...

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1 500€ tax excl./year

1 Trapster, which correspond to one VM on your network

What's included:

1 VM Trapster
Your own dashboard
Automatic updates
API Integration (SIEM, SOC...)


2 500tax excl./year

Select your number of Trapster (VM):

What's included:

2 VM Trapster
Your own dashboard
Automatic updates
API Integration (SIEM, SOC...)

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Any questions ?
Answers to your questions

Is this just a honeypot?

Honeypots have proven themselves, but no one uses them today. Why? Because the installation is complicated, and it represents one more machine to administer. Trapster is already fully configured, installs in a few minutes, updates are done automatically, and you receive an alert as soon as there is an interaction with your decoy.

Is it easy to deploy Trapster?

Deploying our solution is extremely easy. We've simplified the deployment process to ensure that even users with limited technical expertise can set it up quickly. With just a few simple steps, you can have your Trapster up and running, ready to detect and deceive potential attackers.

Is your solution suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely! Trapster is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. Whatever your size, our solution offers easy deployment, management, and monitoring, enabling businesses of any size to improve their cybersecurity defenses and stay protected against evolving threats.