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Principle of Trapster



Here is the situation. Conventional security products?

Sure, they can be sturdy. But there's a catch:

The noise.

For most businesses, the volume of security notifications is overwhelming, which wastes timeand money due to endless sorting and checking.

And let's be honest, hire another specialist just to track these potential threats? This is a costly task that often leads to dead ends rather than real security improvements.

It’s exhausting and not always effective.



What if your security system could thwart attackers without adding to your alert fatigue?

Here is the honeypot, it’s not just another tool inthe arsenal: it’s the smartest way to improve security.

By placing what appear to be valuable targets, we are not pursuing the attackers; we make them come to us.

This means we only alert you when there is a real threat is detected, thus significantly reducing noise. Our honeypots are meticulously designed to catch even the most cunning new attackers, without having to identify each new attack methodavailable.

Instead of looking for threats, you lure them into a trap.

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First step


Trapster deployment is transparent and does not overburden your security team.

These decoys easily integrate into your network, imitating valuable assets without requiring constant monitoring or generating false alerts.

They operate silently in background until an attacker reveals themselves, giving you high-quality alerts that matter.

This setup not only saves time and resources, but also shifts the balance of power, allowing you to observe, learn, and ultimately be several steps ahead of the cybercriminals.

Capture the criminals, not just the noise.

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